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Bouquet "Garden Of Gore" CASSETTE

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Bouquet "Garden Of Gore" CASSETTE

Grindfather Productions

A1. Killer In The Garden
A2. You Will Be The Mulch For My Petunias
A3. These Black Gloves Are For Trimming The Roses
A4. Who Put These Tulips Here?
A5. The Daffodils Are Always Watching
A6. Murder In The Marigolds
A7. Dont't Touch The Daisies!
A8. I Hear Something In The Greenhouse
A9. Blood And Flowers
A10. Fear In The Fernery
A11. Bloom First, Die Later
A12. Plant Law
A13. The Greenhouse Is Closed, Forget It
B1. Only The Gardner Saw
B2. Don't Ask About The Fertilizer
B3. I thought You Turned The Misters Off?
B4. Proper Drainage Of Potted Plants
B5. Preference For Full Sun
B6. Checking Temperature And Humidity
B7. Application Of Top Soil
B8. The Effects Of Over-Fertilizing
B9. Crushed Leaves And Snapped Stems
B10. Plant Food
B11. Spinach
B12. Vegetable Gestapo ('Taste The Steel' Cover)
B13. Dissolving In The Pit Of The Tropical Pitcher Plant
B14. But The Doctor Said That Part Of The Island Was Forbidden

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