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Rot "Daily Life Monotony" & Yacøpsæ "Untitled" CASSETTE

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Rot "Daily Life Monotony" & Yacøpsæ "Untitled" CASSETTE

Grindfather Productions & Psychocontrol Records

A1. Nothing At All
A2. Modern Man Suicide
A3. The Uncontrollable Urge
A4. Disordered Universe
A5. Fashion Moulded Brains
A6. Inner Thoughts
A7. Back To The Punk Days
A8. No One Needed
A9. Daily Monotony
A10. Hypocritical Philanthropy
A11. Blind And Deaf [Bonus]
A12. Primitive Ways [Bonus]
A13. Get A Drink [Bonus]
A14. Subversive Not Alternative [Bonus]
A15. Technologic Error [Bonus]
B1. Gottgefickt
B2. Vergewaltigung
B3. Arschgott
B4. Boys Don't Cry
B5. Statussymbol
B6. Gift
B7. Hass [Bonus]
B8. Hunger [Bonus]
B9. Frei Zum Abschuss [Bonus]
B10. Suchtstoffsyndikat [Bonus]
B11. Schweinesabbath [Bonus]
B12. Ego [Bonus]
B13. Tot [Bonus]

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